Free Sounds and Samples for Korg Kronos                            Last update: 26.03.2020: I've migrated to Gig Performer, so there will be no updates any more

Have fun!

All programs and combis will load to bank U-G by default. For exceptions see the included file ReadMe.txt.

To play the sampled sounds simply load the PCG and mark Load KSC too.
If you are stuck with it, see this page for loading description.

Access Virus TI

Bank with 7 sounds

Akai VX-90

Bank with 24 sounds

ARP 2600

Bass A (Bank with 40 sounds) (Sw. 1/2: chorus/reverb)

ARP Odyssey

Ultravox Hymn Solo (AL-1 engine) Update: Aftertouch/JS-Y for Modulation

Ensoniq TS-10

Bank with 3 sounds

Fairlight CMI IIx

Fairlight Choral (Bank with 23 sounds) (Sw.1: chorus)

Kawai K5000

K5000 Bell (resynthesized real church bell)

Bank with 32 sounds

Korg DW-8000

Bank with 76 sounds (Sw.1: chorus, Sw.2: partly portamento)

Korg M1

Bank with 105 sounds

Korg Poly 800 II

Bank with 5 sounds

Korg PS3200

Bank with 5 sounds

Korg PS3300

Bank with 4 sounds

Korg Z1

Bank with 32 sounds


Minimoog Manfred Mann Tip: use Holdpedal  ;-)

Recorder Gerry Rafferty (AL-1 engine)

N.E.D. Synclavier

Bank with 4 sounds

Novation Bass Station

Bank with 25 sounds

Oberheim OB-X

Bank with 34 sounds (Sw. 1/2: variations)

RMI Electra 368X

Bank with all possible registers (4,2 MB !!!) (Sw. 1/2: chorus/phaser) See also combi U-G000/001

Roland D-50

D50 Flutepad

Roland D-50 Waves (101 waveforms, no sounds)

Roland D-110

Bank with 9 sounds

Roland Fantom X

Bank with 16 sounds (Symphonic Strings / Choir)

Roland JX-8P

Blinded by the light SWEEP  (AL-1 engine)

Roland VP330

Bank with 4 sounds (Sw. 1/2: chorus/ensemble)

Yamaha CS-80

Bank with 68 sounds (Sw. 1/2: variations)

Yamaha GX-1

Trumpet  (AL-1 engine)


Blockfloete (recorder)

Genesis 1.0 (PRG / CMB / Samples for songs of Genesis / Peter Gabriel)

Glass Harmonica (wineglasses)

Pads 1.0 (EXi engines) 16 Pads

Pads HD1 26 Pads

Stoffel Organ Ventilator II (AL-1 engine) See HowTo for setup

SynBrass (EXi engines, 3 prog)

Try (by Pink (3 prog U-G EXi + preset piano I-A000, 1 combi U-G)


In The Air Tonight (Phil Collins) (SNG with sampled CR78 loop and PRG including SynthBass, verse synths, piano, piano arp and vocoder for playing live)

Free, but not by me

ARP Omulator etc

Brass Section (by kaptainkeyboard, 7 prog)

Chroma Polaris Pad


DX7 SysEx

Famous Synth Sounds Vol.1 + Vol.2

Grandeur Grand (needs EXs-1 ROM Expansion, by kaptainkeyboard)

Korg EXi XPansion Sounds

Korg HD-1 XPansion Sounds

Le Petit Italien

Korg Wavestation reloaded Please donate on his homepage if you like it (I'm shure you will!)

Polysix Original Sounds Kronosified

Prophet-5 Emulator

Sonatina Strings

Yamaha CP70 (by kaptainkeyboard)

Yamaha Motif XF7 Ballad Keys (by kaptainkeyboard)

Yamaha Motif XF7 Concert Grand (by kaptainkeyboard)